Millets Owl Encounter

You might have seen that I have been to Millets Falconry Centre in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, before. But it was so good I had to go again. My grandad bought me another trip and this experience was even better.

There were two choices I could choose from: falcons or owls. I picked owls. I was told to put on a glove. One glove. On my left hand, because, in the medieval times, people needed their right hand for fighting, horse riding, writing, etc.

After that, I was told about some birds of prey and some very interesting facts. Very, very, very, very interesting facts. It was really cool. Then, I got to go in an enclosure, where I was told not to step on the owls because they were so little! Then I put my hand out in a special position and, suddenly, the two owls were addicted to me, or, more precisely, the food that the guide was holding! It was really fun!

After I had held a very heavy owl, I was told I could do bird flying. I didn’t know what bird flying was at the time, but I was excited to find out! Earlier on before the experience, I watched a bird show, it was super amazing to watch trained birds fly around close to your head. Ha, ha, ha! It was sooooo good! So when I saw that I was going on the stage and there was actually a crowd I was excited. It was my time to shine! Unfortunately, the owls didn’t cooperate and were scared that there were red kites in the sky, so instead I had my picture taken with an owl. I’d be lying if I said it was just as good!

They do say never work with animals or children!

Overall it was great, a really fun family activity! Next time I go there I’m going to hold the falcons, I was told they’re better behaved. It really was a fun experience!

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