Finest fossils make a fantastic gift!

Me and my best friend Amalie have been given a behind the scenes tour of Finest Fossils in Buckinghamshire.

I love fossils and Amalie really likes gems which the owner, Simon, sells on his online store,

I think fossils and gems are a great gift for kids. They are all unique. And it’s amazing to hold something millions and even billions of years old in your hands!

Prices range from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds.

My dad bought me a cool orthocone (squid) fossil statue in Devonian age limestone from the Moroccan Sahara, which is 400 million years old, priced £20. And Amalie’s dad bought her a variety of small gems and fossils for around the same price.

I also really liked the dinosaur poo which costs from £10 and the fossilised fish from around £15. The megalodon teeth are also really cool but I already have one!

I must give special mention to the Christmas advent calendars which contain a variety of small fossils and gems. I think they’re really cool and I hope I get one for Christmas (though I also want a chocolate one too!). They cost £25 and there’s a posher one for £60 too.

Thanks Simon for showing us around!!!

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