Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital

Tiggywinkles wildllife hospital in Haddenham is an amazing place that cares for sick and injured wildlife.

Visitors can check out some of the hospital’s permanent residents – animals they treated but who unfortunately could not be returned to the wild.

These include foxes, ducks, birds, deer, badgers, tortoises and of course hedgehogs. During our visit a member of staff came round with a hedgehog in her hands much to the delight of Lucy and Eloise.

You can also directly view into the hospital itself and watch the vets treat animals it has received.

There’s also a nice play park and cafe to enjoy.

Entry costs £6.90 per adult and £4.90 per child. It’s unlikely you’ll spend all day here but it’s a really fun way to spend a couple of hours. The kids really enjoyed their visit.

We decided to combine our visit with a trip to Rumseys in Thame 10 minutes drive away, who make the most delicious chocolate treats. We went for the fondue. What’s not to like!

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