Whipsnade Zoo has an amazing new play area

Whipsnade Zoo isn’t just about all the fantastic animals – in fact it now has an incredible new play park which opened in May 2021.

You could easily spend a few hours at the revamped Hullabazoo play area.

It is 7,800 square metres of themed play area, including bridges, swings, climbing frames, sit-on crocodiles, tunnels, boats and mini safari jeeps. In short: kids love it.

Combined with the fun indoor soft play area, it’s a godsend for parents with kids who may get tired of spending all day walking around looking at the animals.

For four-year-old Ella in particular Whipsnade has become a brilliant play park and soft play which happens to have animals as well!

Whipsnade day entry costs about £30 per adult and £20 per kid, so £100 for our family of two adults and two kids. But annual membership starts at around £200 for our family (and includes London Zoo as well) so it pays itself back in just two trips. If you go for gold membership (which for us cost £260) amongst other benefits you get 10% off in shops and restaurants.

Given everything Whipsnade has to offer, if you live within an hour’s radius or so, that represents brilliant value and many happy days out.

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