Green Dragon Eco Farm

The Green Dragon Eco Farm in Quainton, north Buckinghamshire is a really great place for nature-loving kids.

It includes everything you’d expect to find on a petting farm, such feeding the goats and grooming the ponies.

But there’s also lots of other attractions, such as the play park, soft play, cafe, wildlife zone (which includes a silver fox called Phillip), bug and reptile house and pedal karts.

There’s also a fantastic birds display which lasts 30 minutes – there is an additional fee for this but at only £1.50 per person it’s well worth it.

Entrance costs £9.50 for adults and £8.50 for children.

We think this is good value given you could spend most of the day here, particularly if you have nice weather. It’s also got a good mix of activities for both tots and older kids.


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