Why Can’t Horses Burp? book review

I love horses and I go to weekly riding lessons.

So this book is right up my street.

It has loads of fascinating facts about horses, from horse breeds, historical horses, horse diets, horse personalities, horse communication and horsey sports.

It’s brilliantly illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine. If you recognise that name it’s because Lily was the voice of Peppa Pig!

This is a great book that manages to come up with lots of different interesting facts even though it’s about just one animal.

Parents Perspective

Why Can’t Horses Burp? is illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine with input from horse expect Dr Nick Crumpton. It was published by Thames & Hudson in May 2021 and priced £12.99 on Amazon. It is the follow-up to Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?

Lily Snowden-Fine’s illustrations are the major draw to this book (excuse the pun!). Everything is laid out in bite size chunks which kids love. The facts range from basic info about horse breeds to some stuff I’d wager would surprise even self-proclaimed ‘horsey people‘. If your kid loves horses, this is a real winner.

Star rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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