Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore

The Butterfly Garden allows you to raise caterpillars, see how they grow and build their cocoon, and then turn into beautiful butterflies.

It’s fun and easy to look after them. Although one of my caterpillars sadly died, but four managed to turn into butterflies. I learnt so much about metamorphism. Nature is incredible!

I felt so proud seeing them grow up and become what nature intended. And then I got to study the butterflies for a few days in the net. I was fascinated by their curly-wurly tongues!

Parents’ Perspective

This is a fantastic gift to get an animal-loving kid. It’s low maintenance – there’s not an awful lot that can go wrong, but it really is fascinating seeing how the caterpillars grow and then transform into butterflies.

The Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore costs around £15-£20 and the main thing you get is the net (which can be folded away and stored taking up minimal space) along with a voucher code allowing you to get the caterpillars delivered. You’re able to order more caterpillars as and when you like, so this is something that kids will want to go back to again and again.

The whole process took about a month. Every day you could notice the caterpillars getting bigger, and once they emerged, it was interesting seeing how the butterflies developed. They can’t just fly directly out of the cocoon, it takes them a while to get their bearings!

Worth noting that the caterpillars are only available to order from March to mid-Sepember.

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