How to Talk To a Tiger And Other Animals book review

This brilliant book shows how more than 100 animals communicate.

That can be from the way they look, sounds and smells they make, or through taste and touch.

The book is really colourful with lots of small paragraphs telling you about an animal. It’s written in quite a funny way too – it’s not too serious. The fantastic pictures bring everything to life.

I love this book. I learnt lots of things about many different animals – from mouthy sharks to weeing porcupines. It’s really opened my eyes to all the different crazy ways animals communicate.

Its got some really cool facts in it and I can see myself looking at it again and again.

Parents Perspective

How To Talk To A Tiger And Other Animals is by Jason Bittel and illustrated by Kelsey Buzzell. It was published by Magic Cat Publishing on April 29 2021, with RRP £14.99 (but available on Amazon for £11.99).

It’s everything a kids’ animal book should be. Bright, colourful, wonderfully illustrated, with lots of interesting (and funny) information presented in bitesize chunks. There’s some truly remarkable facts about animal communication which you don’t find in other books.

Highly recommended.

Star rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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