Horse riding lessons at Bryerley Springs Milton Keynes

I’ve always loved horses so last year my Mum and Dad agreed for me to have horse riding lessons.

I go to Bryerley Springs Equestrian Centre near Milton Keynes.

Let me say one thing straight away. Horse riding is not easy! There’s loads to learn and remember, it is quite tiring, and sometimes the horses don’t do what they’re supposed to!

But it is amazing fun. And when it goes well, you feel so proud.

I take group lessons. My teacher Ella is really nice and encouraging.

Last week I was able to return to horse-riding lessons following the end of lockdown. It was amazing to be back in the saddle!

Parents Perspective

This is about as near as Lucy comes to sport! She found it really tough to begin with, but we’re proud of the way she has persevered with it. Seeing her improve with every lesson is really rewarding.

Group lessons at Bryerley cost £20 for 30 minutes, or £37 for a private lesson. In some ways group lessons are better (for beginners at any rate), as kids can learn from one-another. Bulk buying the lessons saves money.

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