Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal! book review

This is my favourite book of all time.

You can tell this by the fact that the book looks very worn. It’s because I look at it almost every day.

This encyclopedia has loads of information about absolutely hundreds of animals. It has amazing computer images rather than photos, and these really bring the animals to life.

I love the way the book is ordered. All the animals are grouped, so in the canid section there’s all the information about dogs and wolves and hyenas. Sometimes it focuses on just one animal across two whole pages.

Everything is easy to find and the details on each animal are really interesting. It also shows what a human would like next to each animal, so you can easily tell how big it is.

There’s not a lot more that can be said – it’s just brilliant.

Parent Perspective

Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal! is a blockbuster of a book from DK. You can get it now on Amazon for £14.36, which is terrific value. Lucy first received it for her eighth birthday, and she didn’t look at it too much. Then something clicked and she was forever reading it. It’s not a great stretch to say this book has played a big role in inspiring Lucy’s love of animals. It’s become her ‘reference books of reference books’ – she’ll use it to look up the animals she’s read about elsewhere. Outstanding.

Star rating (we’d give it more than five if we could!)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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