BrainBox Animals game review

BrainBox Animals is like a quiz mixed with a memory challenge.

You get 10 seconds to remember all the information on a card about a certain animal.

Then you roll the dice and have answer the question it lands on.

The questions may be about the pictures on the card, like how many animals are showing their tails. Or it may ask you to remember certain information, like an animal’s conservation status or diet. It can be hard to remember all the information!

I really enjoy playing this game. It’s a good way to spend ten minutes, and you learn about the animals too. It’s fun playing with someone else and taking it in turns to ask the questions and then to answer them.

The worst thing is when you get a question about something to do with the picture – they’re just so annoying!

Parent Perspective

BrainBox Animals is definitely a good workout for the mind. Taking in all the information on the card requires a lot of concentration – this is definitely a game for children with decent reading ability.

It has rules for both single and multi-player – both versions are fun to play and work well. BrainBox produce a whole range of different themes including nature and predators. A really good boredom buster, it is priced £12.50 and published by The Green Board Game Co.

Star rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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