100 PICS Animals Travel Game review

Sometimes it’s nice to put my animal knowledge to the test.

100 PICS Animals Travel Game is a great way to do this. You have to work out what the animal is by opening one of four windows which reveal a small part of an animal photo, and also from the jumbled up letters which spell out its name.

I really enjoyed playing this game. Sometimes I was able to get an animal right by opening up just a single window, which really impressed my parents! Other cards are more difficult. There’s 100 overall.

Sometimes we play it as we’re eating dinner. We pass it around and try to guess each animal in turn. It’s a pretty cool game to play. I can imagine its also fun to play while you’re on a long journey in the car, but because of coronavirus I haven’t really been on a long journey to test this out.

Parents’ Perspective

This game, priced £9.99, is a perfect stocking filler for animal-loving kids. It provides a good level of challenge, with enough easier cards to ensure kids don’t get too disheartened if there’s one or two that they can’t work out. As well as using the pictures, kids can also work out the animal from the jumbled up letters – but there’s some additional letters included as a red herring, which is a nice twist.

Star rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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